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My mission is to support you and guide you through healing processes to release trauma and old beliefs.

Your Therapist:  Silvia Freeman

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My name is Silvia Freeman and my mission is to support you and guide you through healing processes to release trauma and old beliefs. I am a Licensed, fully insured NLP Master Practitioner trained by DR. Richard Bandler co creator of NLP, John & Kathleen Lavalle and Paul Mckenna. I am a member of the ANLP ( Association for NLP). I am also an EFT Practitioner. In 2007 I was attuned
to the Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem & The Violet Flame Level 1 & 2. I also lead Meditation classes in Rugby.

It’s important for me to be transparent with my clients. I have my own strengths and weaknesses just like anyone else, but that’s what helps me to tap into the compassion that we must all feel for ourselves.


NLP is about reprogramming the brain using language and so much more. It’s about learning how to run your brain instead of letting your brain run you, so that you can have better control.

NLP is a set of tools, techniques and strategies that you can apply in both your business and personal life to help you to train your brain to be happier and free.

Who can benefit from NLP?

We all have some old habitual ways of thinking and behaving that can limit what we can do. Some of the NLP tools work in almost magical ways. But there is more than just quick techniques to permanent changes. All our behaviours are driven by our subconcious. When our subconcious programming and concious goals are in alignment we can really easily achieve what we want. However sometimes they seem to work against each other. You want to be more confident, motivated, and yet you find yourself trapped by fear, procrastination etc..  No matter how hard you try you keep repeating the same pattern. To break the pattern I help my clients to change the subconcious programming.

‘Neuro’ → represents the nervous system and communication network in the human body.

‘Linguistic’ → represents the language we speak to ourselves and others

‘Programming’ → is the operating instructions that create and outcome

Here are some of the areas that I can help with;

I specialise in helping people with;


  • Traumatic Events

  • Past Sexual Abuse

  • Limiting Beliefs, Old Habits,

  • Fears, Guilt, Shame

  • Depression - Anxiety


In this session I will Identify of where the root of the issue lies or what you want to achieve. Also you can ask any questions you may have about NLP. I will ask you several questions, posed in such a way that your unconscious mind will start to whittle away at the problem, breaking it down, re-assessing how to get what you want. If you then decide to go ahead we can start the session.

Sessions are 1 hour long. After the session i’ll give you will receive an aftercare email on how to sustain the changes you go through. In this way, I support you through those transformations.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT process effects are not just “in your emotions but also physical changes happen in your brain as you use the technique.

During the tapping you are calming the brain’s fear centre and significantly lowering the stress hormone cortisol and even children can use it.


It literally changes the structure of the neocortex of your brain as old connections are replaced by new. You are changing the neural connections in your brain – which will result in an automatic change to the way you think. And thinking differently will naturally change the results you experience in your life.


All negative emotions are the result of a disruption in the body’s energy system. The tapping clears any such disruption which means that negative emotion is no longer produced. EFT works in emotions such as anger, sadness, worry, anxiety, panic attacks, guilt, grief, shame, depression, phobia etc… basically EFT can change unhelpful emotional feelings. It also works on negative beliefs and physical pain.

In this session we will identify the negative emotions that you would like to work on. You will then
be lead by me to tap key points on your body such as eyebrows, cheekbones, chin, collarbones

Meditation / Mindfulness
In my meditations I always incorporate NLP.  To me meditation is like the sunshine that helps everything grow, whereas NLP is the laser beam that can cut away or dissolve the parts of life that cause us to be stuck.

The two fields work beautifully in conjunction with each other. NLP provides a powerful tool to shift emotional blocks and create motivation whereas meditation brings a deeper and more spiritual foundation to NLP.


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“It was such a well timed session for me. I cried through the whole of the EFT, but felt so much better the next day and I’ve been much calmer since. Also my eczema had flared up two days beforehand and it’s virtually completely gone now. Amazingly powerful. Looking forward to the next one".

"Silvia is absolutely amazing. Such a lovely, warm and knowledgeable lady. I saw her via Zoom when I was in a very dark place indeed and she helped me tremendously. She really does care about her clients and always goes the extra mile to make sure you're okay. She has a real gift for tapping into your spiritual side. I also had a session of remote healing and I could actually feel the tingling as she carried out her work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Silvia and feel very comforted to know that she's at the end of the telephone if I ever need her. I really enjoyed the session". 

"I enjoyed the EFT tapping and Movement work".

"I felt oddly fragile afterwards but your intuition was right - it feels like this last week has been a big shift somehow". 

"I’ve personally had such a lot going on with several things taking energy from me, and a lot to let go of - both in terms of people and negative feelings. It felt appropriate.  So I think the fragility has come from bringing all of that emotion into focus, and properly acknowledging it and the transition I’m going through. Particularly liked the pranayama at the end - I’ve missed doing yoga because I’m so rubbish at making myself do it on my own at home - but even just that little bit really helped to bring some balance. I hope you’re doing well. Thank you so much for running these sessions. They’re so valuable"


“Thank you Silvia is was lovely to learnt some really useful techniques that I can practise which will help me when my mind is off 100 miles an hour worrying about everything that could happen”.


“I found the session very useful. Whilst we are all going through this challenging time I think it allows us all still to connect without feelings and have five minutes to ourselves to help release anu of our worries and anxious thoughts. All your help and classes are amazing thank you for doing them, they really mean a lot”



“Thank you for a great NLP session. It was lovely. My anxiety stems from social situations,but  after some of your sessions I feel a lot more hopeful about experiencing those more positively”


“So many emotions last night, I felt so connected to my inner child, I felt all the raw scary, sad emotions and I really nurtured her and felt so close and protective of her. She became me, I felt so much gratitude and appreciation for my journey and it made me realise why I needed to go on this path, to gain self love and realise I really am enough and my feelings are so valid. I can't tell you how much I gained from last night, coupled with the EMDR work I’ve been doing it just topped it off. You took me so deep and I felt so at ease and safe to go there, because it really was an emotional experience. I was so shocked to find myself in tears throughout, tears of sadness and pride.So seriously from the bottom of my heart thank you. It was a truly special journey”