Improve the Quality of Your Life with Hypnotherapy

Your Therapist:  Kim Brindley


My name is Kim and I love helping people make changes that will improve the quality of your life. I deliver a personalised session to each of my clients and I teach quick and easy techniques you can use.


My proven methods will improve the quality of your life quickly and easily. I have been a hypnotherapist for over 10 years and have helped many people with managing stress, weight management, phobias and stopping smoking.

I have worked for the NHS for over 15years helping people in various ways to improve their overall wellbeing. I spent 8 years volunteering as a counsellor for a charity in Northampton. I do not work from scripts or books; I work intuitively taking into account each client and their needs. I have a whole wealth of experience and expertise in this field and intend to help each of you to the best of my ability.

I believe that positive change is possible for anyone of us; sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in everyday habits that feel familiar. Habits can be good or bad and can be changed easily when you know how. When you feel the time is right for you and you are ready to improve your life for the better then give me a call. See below some testimonials from my previous clients and you will find reviews on my Facebook page. 

I look forward to meeting you soon. 

Kim Brindley

Contact and Booking Information

Stop smoking - 1 hypnotherapy session 90 mins and you will receive an aftercare audio all included in the price £499

Payment plans available upon request.


Weight management: £75 per session 4-6 sessions recommended.


Anxiety management: £75 per session 4-6 sessions recommended.


Phobias: £75 per session 3 sessions recommended.


Relaxation session: £50 per session.


I work from the clinic on Tuesday evening and on Saturday afternoons.

I offer all clients a FREE telephone consultation this usually takes approximately 30 mins and it is a chance for you to ask me any questions and for me to explain how it all works.

Each session is 50mins long and you will need to pay for your session at least 48hours in advance. If you need to cancel or rebook please give at least 24hours notice.


Payments are taken via bank transfer or PayPal.


You can book your consultation by calling me on 07702334848, contact me through my FB page or email me on:

Phone:  07702334848





Testimonials 1:

Sandie Stop Smoking client: 10 years ago I went to see Kim to end a habit I had had for more than 50years-Smoking! At my worst I could get through 40 a day without thinking. I knew my health was beginning to suffer with frequent chest infections and a painful cough. I am so glad I found Kim. It took just 1 session which was reinforced with a tape recording that I played regularly. My family was so impressed that my son went to see Kim and he has now been a non-smoker for 2 years. He reckoned If I could do it so could he. Thank you Kim-my house and clothes smell clean and fresh and I have long stopped following smokers outside to sniff their cigarette smoke.


Testimonial 2:

Jean Confidence client: I first saw Kim because I lost my confidence, gained weight and wasn’t sleeping well-a classic combination. After just 1 session I slept better and woke up more positive each day. I had a few more sessions with Kim and I had found the confidence and drive that I had years before. I rode horses again with my old confidence and started to enjoy myself again. Thank you Kim for helping me to find me again.