Our Covid-19 Assurance

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients, therapists, visitors and staff. To this end we have completed a risk assessment and put in place the following changes:

Covid-19 Cleaning Protocols:

We have up to date Covid-19 Risk Assessments in place. Our COSHH and Covid-19 trained Housekeeper has updated cleaning and other protocols which enables us to operate as safely as possible.  All areas are deep cleaned daily. We have incorporated a 15 minute gap between all appointments to give time for the therapists to clean their areas (including couches, seating, door handles, and all areas which might be touched) between clients.  Hand sanitiser is placed at all entrance doors, and in each therapy room. There are bathrooms available with hot running water, soap and paper towels on both floors.

Socially Distanced Waiting Room

We are fortunate to have a very spacious waiting area with socially distanced chairs, wipeable furniture and good ventilation. We keep numbers to a minimum in the waiting area by spacing and managing our appointment times.

Minimising Touch Areas

Wherever possible we will minimise the contact you have with door handles and other potential frequent touch surfaces.

Reduced Contact Time

We have reduced the length of appointments so that there is less contact time as recommended by the government. 


All of our therapists are self-employed and as such they wear the appropriate PPI depending on their modality and the advice given to them by their insurer and/or their professional association and current mandatory government rules. 


Your therapist is responsible for letting your know about what you need to do with regard to wearing PPI when you attend your appointment.  We are unable to provide PPI for you. Any mandatory government rules about PPE must be followed.

Track and Trace

All appointments are made directly with the therapist, and each therapist has responsibility to ensure that they keep records in line with GDPR and any other mandate in force at the time such as Track and Trace.  Your therapist will inform you about this when you book your appointment with them.  


If you, or someone in your household, has a raised temperature, a continuous cough or have lost your sense of smell/taste, you must not visit us as you may be a carrier of the coronavirus and this poses a risk of spreading the virus to other clients or practitioners of the clinic.

Soft Coverings

Towels, couch covers and pillow cases, where used, will only be used for your session before being removed for washing at 60 deg.  You may be asked to bring your own towels - this depends on your therapist and they will advise you before your appointment.  Pillows where used will be wipeable.


If you have any questions please contact your therapist directly or send us a message.