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Your Therapist:  Sue Jaycock

Whilst training in Aromatherapy in 1996 I met a fellow student who was learning Bowen Technique and was really passionate about it.  I had never heard of it and to be honest I was a bit sceptical so I decided to have a treatment with him to see what it was all about it.  During this treatment my initial thoughts were that anything that gentle couldn’t have an effect and I was ready to dismiss it.  However, as soon as I sat up after this extremely gentle treatment I was aware that something fundamental had changed in my alignment. Not only that I felt completely relaxed.

The effect on my aching back, shoulder and painful hip (no doubt from carrying my toddler sons on my hip) reduced significantly.  I was impressed by its effectiveness so I made the decision to train to become a Bowen therapist.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Since qualifying I have helped  many hundreds of people with all manner of aches and pains as well as emotional and stress related issues using the skills I have developed over the last 20 years.


My clinic is based in a beautiful therapy room within Bragborough Hall Health & Wellbeing Centre.

I am registered with the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) and BTPA (Bowen Therapists Professional Association).  This means you can be assured that I carry out continuous professional development regularly, that my qualifications are up to scratch and that I am fully insured.

My clinics are on Saturday morning and Wednesday evening.

I look forward to meeting you.





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“Having suffered from fibromyalgia for some time now I am constantly looking for something to ease the pain. I tried Bowen therapy on a trial and haven’t looked back. Sue puts you at ease straight away and is very easy to get along with. I was informed that there was no guarantee the therapy would work but that we would know after 3 weeks whether to continue or leave. 3 weeks later and I feel 100% better than I did. Don’t get me wrong its not a cure (as yet) but the fact I can function without being in constant pain is an amazing improvement. If you are thinking of trying this technique then I can recommend it, if you are a fellow fibro sufferer then I highly recommend it.” Genine M

“Just had the most relaxing aromatherapy message from Sue. I usually go to Sue for Bowen treatments for my back, although I haven’t had to go for such a long time as I haven’t had any issues so it’s obviously working! First time I’ve had the aromatherapy massage, and would highly recommend it.” Linda F

“I met Sue yesterday for my first Bowen treatment. It was such an easy first meeting, she quickly put me at ease. I confess I didn’t know anything about Bowen, and was seduced by the offer but knowing I needed to have some treatment for ongoing back and muscle issues I booked my first appointment. Well – it’s hard to convey how effective the session has been. My muscles are more relaxed, my neck and shoulders feel freer, and my back feels straighter. I am definitely booking two more sessions – Sue recommends a course of 3. Sue uses a very gentle method, so subtle it’s hard to believe it’s going to have any effect. Can thoroughly recommend!”  Jackie T

“Recommended by two friends and am delighted with results. Sue is professional and friendly and works from her home in a lovely relaxed environment. Bowen was a new therapy for me and it worked a treat, for both my foot and shoulder pain. Highly recommend Sue.”  Judith M S

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